Paper cutting

Inkscape for Paper Cutters

As said by the company, Inkscape is a free professional vector graphics editor. It might sound intimidating, but once you've been introduced to basic tools, you'll find it hard to stop using. The software is used by many paper cutters and paper cutting template designers because it has all features you need to make your… Continue reading Inkscape for Paper Cutters

Paper cutting

Layered PAPERCUT Tutorial

Paper cutting has become one of my favorite ways of psychotherapy. Today I'm bringing it to a new level and I'm going to share some tips about making a layered papercut - a portrait, drawing, landscape... I've been experimenting for a while now to find an efficient way to make such pieces of art, layering intricate… Continue reading Layered PAPERCUT Tutorial


Heat Embossing for Beginners

Are you still struggling with heat embossing? Heat guns look intimidating, embossing powders are expensive, inks are not sticky... Well, today I'm going to try to change your mind. Yes, embossing powders can be quite pricey, but they're well worth the money. A variety of brands and colors are out there, but which ones to… Continue reading Heat Embossing for Beginners