Paper cutting

Inkscape for Paper Cutters

As said by the company, Inkscape is a free professional vector graphics editor.

It might sound intimidating, but once you’ve been introduced to basic tools, you’ll find it hard to stop using.

The software is used by many paper cutters and paper cutting template designers because it has all features you need to make your project.

Even if you are slightly uncomfortable with drawing using a mouse pad and keyboard, you can still scan hand drawn templates and touch them up here. To find the download link, please visit where you’ll find even more information about the possibilities it has to offer.

Now, onto the paper cutting part.

When designing, I often use just a few tools to create simple templates: Select, Edit path by nodes, Bezier, Calligraphy and Paint bucket.

To make the start easier, I made a couple of videos for people who have never used this software, or don’t know how to draw a specific shape.

  • Flourishes, swirls, curves – Bezier and Pencil tool introduction 
  • Basic flowers – Star, Ellipse, Edit path by nodes, Object to path options 
  • Leaves 
  • How to make a TEMPLATE / LOGO 
  • Star tool shapes 

||| NOTE ||| All tutorials above also explain basic tools (select, erase, edit path, group objects, import & export…)

Now you should be familiar enough with the software to use it to create wonderful pieces of art, drawings, templates, stencils, SVG cutting files etc. What do you think? Is it as scary as it looks? If you have any more questions, leave a comment and I’ll try to help.


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