5 DIY Last minute Unisex Gift Ideas

You’ve been invited to a birthday party or any other celebration and you’ve no idea what to bring?


I’ve got you covered.

Here are my personal favorite things to make that are budget-friendly as well as quick to make. The best thing is that all projects below are versatile so you can customize them to be perfect for the recipient.


It’s good to know that you can stock up on materials you need to have and then you’ll be ready to roll at any time. Most women like jewellery and it’s a huge advantage if it’s personalized so I love to give floating lockets. As they’re available online, I like to order about ten lockets plus all the other material needed like charms and crystals and so once it arrives I have enough for ten gifts. Isn’t that awesome?

The same goes for handmade gift boxes, I make sure there’s enough cardstock, glue and embellishments. Another tip is to pre cut and score your cardstock. You can put it in a box and set aside until you need to use it. It definitely saves a lot of time.

The best thing is to be prepared, not having anything prepared at home before the party will only add to the stress and you definitely don’t need that. Remember to always have enough materials and you’ll have absolutely no worries when an invitation comes late.


Now that you know all the tips and tricks, here are my top five DIY last minute gifts:

  • Floating charm memory locket

The lockets come in a variety of colors and shapes so there’s something for everyone. It’s also personalized so your recipient will be delighted to wear it. All materials for making it are available on Ebay (the cheapest alternative) and other online stores, so be sure to order a couple of weeks in advance if needed. But, once you have the supplies it will last for a long time and serve as many gifts before you need to order new ones.

  • Gift jar or a Home decor jar

The video shows how to make a home decor jar. Gifts like these have been popular for quite a while now because every house needs good decor and it’s always nice to receive something handmade to put on your furniture.

However, you can fill the jar with sweets, small things like makeup (lipsticks, eyeshadows…) or anything else that they like. If they have a sweet tooth but aren’t very comfortable with baking, you can make a dry mix in a jar with all the ingredents to make the dessert, for example pancakes or brownies. They’ll only need to add things like water or oil. But, don’t forget to put directions and baking temperature on the label.

  • Mini wall mirror

This is a fantastic idea for students staying in a dorm because they have a very small room. Mirror is a must-have item but this is a way to make a small one that will fit everywhere but it’s also very pretty. Instead of organza ribbon, you can use any other type of ribbon, lace, or even scrapbooking paper.

  • Gift box (with sweets, jewellery, watch or anything else inside)

If you want to make a gift box from scratch, that’s great. But, when you don’t have much time and appropriate supplies, why not recycle?

We all have lots of not-so-pretty jewelry boxes around the house. You can use some to put your own gift inside but most have logo or the company’s name written on the box so you can’t reuse them. However, if you have some white glue and a pretty napkin, you can turn any box into something completely new and amazing.

  • Notepad

Busy mothers, planner lovers, students… despite all the technology it’s always a good thing to carry a small notepad in your purse. When you need to write something down, whether it’s someone’s phone number, address or a simple shopping list, it’s far more reliable than phones that can run out of battery or not function properly.

You can buy notepads and tear off the cover to replace it with your own. You can completely personalize it, write the person’s name, draw something they like (for example, I once drew a violin key and scattered small notes around it for a musician’s gift). This is so far the cheapest gift and you’ll need only five minutes to make it. Another good idea is to give away a whole set so that they have enough for a while.


I hope these ideas helped you and perhaps inspired you to something completely different. For even more ideas, head over to our Youtube channel where many new DIYs and projects are uploaded weekly.

What’s your favorite thing to give and receive? Tell me in the comments below, it would be fun to hear.



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