Travel Scrapbook Journal Flip through

It’s been over a year since I went on a trip to Bratislava (Slovakia), Prague (Czech Republic), Dresden (Germany) and Vienna (Austria).

These cities are all extremely alluring and unique, each one has something new to offer and there are numerous sights to see and remember for the rest of your life. To mark the anniversary, I gathered all printables and supplies I had to make a travel album.

The concept of this scrapbook album/travel journal was to describe everything seen in those couple of days, write down some interesting facts and make it both pretty and useful.

The album consists of sections:

  1. City divider & Info

I used Inkscape and public domain clipart to draw a floral pattern with the city name written in the center. I also put the date(s) so I assembled the album chronologically. I printed it out and colored the image with Chameleon color tones pens.

As I am a language enthusiast, I found some interesting things about the cities written in the official language (for example, the text about Vienna is in German). I also included a translation at the bottom which is very interesting to see. I glued it to the back of the colored piece to make a single page.


        2. City map and Panorama

You can find maps and beautiful photos online. I didn’t have a chance to produce a high-quality photo or panorama so I printed out the ones I found on the Internet. It’s all right to do that if it’s only for personal use and you won’t be selling the album. If you want to make profit, please ask the photographer for permission and about the price of their photos.

3. Photos, names of sights and places, interesting facts

I used white cardstock and a lot of scrapbook paper to cover some parts and make it colorful. It’s always good to add layers and decorative things like ribbon, lace, wood shapes, letters, banners etc. If they’re printed out, it’s a good idea to give the page some dimension by placing a strip of foam tape behind the decoration. It’s very effective and adds a lot of dimension and interest. You’ll find foam tape and foam squares in any craft shop.

PicMonkey Image

I used flatback rhinestones and pearls as well as paper doilies, cardstock tags and other materials. As I was writing down the name of each place, square, street, sculpture and everything else on my photos, I found it easier to do by hand so that I wouldn’t need to worry about printing.

It’s also eco friendly because you save paper and ink but at the same time fun to do and you can always use any type of paper and pen to do it.

Here is a flip through my finished album:


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