Ombré Necklace Tutorial

The ombré trend is still around, so here is an idea how to turn it into a gorgeous necklace. The best thing? You need minimal supplies, and it’s very fast to make.

All materials used in the tutorial are only a suggestion, you can customize it however you wish. On the mini sketch showed in the beginning of the video, you can see the suggested length of wire.

You can make them shorter or longer, but make sure that each wire is slightly longer than the previous one. The first (closest to the neck) strand of beads is the shortest, the last strand is the longest.

Tip #1

Instead of an ombre effect, you can use different colored beads or different sizes.

Tip #2

To get the full effect, add more beads of the same color on the next wire. For example, I used 7 white pearls on the first, added 2 more on each side for the second wire (9 pearls in total) and again added 2 more for the last strand (11 pearls). I added more grey and black pearls as well.

Tip #3

Want to turn this necklace into a gift but you aren’t sure what length of wire to choose? No problem, make a standard size necklace. You can help yourself by comparing your own neck with the recipient’s, if the recipient’s has a thicker neck, make the necklace a bit bigger than you would for yourself.

Even if you don’t know the recipient, make a standard size necklace and add a long chain on one side. That way they can adjust it on their own. If the lobster clasp can’t fit through the links of your chain, take jump rings and connect them into your own chain.

Tip #4

Instead of wire, you can thread the beads or pearls on any beading thread or string.

The wire I was using was very thin so I cut two pieces for each length and twisted them togther to add strength, using it as if it is only one piece.

Tip #5

Use the same method to make a matching bracelet. Instead of mixing colors on one strand, you can make rows of colors and achieve a completely different result.

Have fun!


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