3 Envelope punch board projects

Envelope punch board is a tool that offers a quick and fun way to create any size envelope with minimal paper waste. Despite its name, the board can be used to create other things, such as boxes and bows as well.

I like to think of it as a perfect tool for making a gift. I first like to make an envelope that fits the greeting card, then a box for the gift itself (from sweets and jewelry to makeup products) and finally a paper bow for the top of the box.

It’s very useful during Christmas, Easter and birthdays when you have loads of gifts to prepare.

You can order these online, the most popular ones are from We R Memory Keepers, and Stampin’ Up!

We R Memory Keepers Envelope punch board review

Size, components & characteristics

The board is sturdy, small and compact. I was a bit worried about breaking if I put it in the suitcase while traveling so I made sure it was between layers of clothes that would protect it. It came out fine, not a scratch despite a bumpy ride which is a huge plus.

The size is both a positive thing and can be negative. It’s easy to store as it doesn’t take up much space, but when you need to make a big envelope or a box, you can’t score the line all the way as the paper overhangs the board. You can still think of a way to fix that but a larger board would be better.

The package contains the 6-3/4×10-1/2 inch score board; 2- way envelope punch (one to punch excess paper and the reverse punch for rounding corners); bone folder and measurement chart. There are also printed instructions which can be handy at times.

On the board, only imperial measurements (inches) are printed. Thankfully, metric measurement chart is included in the package as a sticker. I like to keep it together with the board but prefer not to stick it down over the imperial just in case I want to switch between the measurement systems.

The bone folder has its compartment on the right side which I find extremely useful. It doesn’t fall out when you move the board since it fits in the gap perfectly. That way you don’t need to keep track where you put it, you always know it’s in the board and ready to use.

What kind of paper to use?

Regular copy printer paper might not be the best choice. As you need to score and burnish, it usually rips along the score line as it is very thin. Using 110-160 GSM paper would be ideal. Of course, you can also use vellum and acetate.

Tip: to make your envelopes unique, use scrapbooking or pattern paper.

What about glue?

I use double-sided tape just like with all other papercraft projects. Liquid glue might wrinkle your paper, it takes a lot of time to dry and it’s tricky to use. Instead, try a glue stick but be aware that it’s not as strong and you might want to buy some double-sided tape especially if you’re using heavy paper for the envelope and are planning to send it via post.


Now that you’re more familiar with this product, what do you plan on making with this punch board? It’s fun to discover new possibilities and feel free to post photos of your projects.


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