DIY Floating Memory Lockets jewelry

Floating memory lockets are a great last-minute gift, completely personalized and very versatile as the contents can be changed at any time.

In this video, I wanted to show you the lockets, explain all the materials needed to make one and I also assembled a new locket from start to finish to give you an idea. Of course, you don’t have to put everything inside. Feel free to experiment with different materials, not only charms, discs and birthstone crystals.

Instead, you can put small photographs, printed images or glitter.

The lockets come in various shapes, colors, size and materials. Some have rhinestones embedded, a mat or glossy finish. I prefer using pendant lockets, but you can easily find bracelets as well.

Tip: All the supplies are available online for a low price. I purchased from Ebay, but the lockets can be found on AliExpress and Amazon. When purchasing the small charms that go inside the locket, please read the seller’s description carefully as sometimes they sell packs of 100 charms but you get only one design (for example, they send 100 dog paw charms). Make sure the listing states it is a mix of charms and check their size before ordering.


Anything small enough can be a charm, from jewelry beads to polymer clay figures or metal charms. Those available online are often made out of alloy and are painted in a rainbow of colors.

The way to use them to personalize jewelry is to find out what the recipient likes and find appropriate charms. For example, a locket for a sea-lover or a fisherman could contain compass, anchor and shell charms.

Birthstone Crystals

While I was in process of ordering supplies, I was curious why people liked to put small colorful crystals inside the lockets. It turned out it was related to birthstones, which makes it great to personalize the locket. Even if you aren’t sure when the recipient’s birthday is, you can always put their favorite color instead.

Set Of Precious Stones Of Different Cuts And Colors

Locket discs/back plates

In the video, I showed my small collection of these amazing plates. They are very intricate, thin and just a little bit smaller than the locket so they turn around. You can put a small dot of adhesive on the back of the plate to prevent that.

Just like the charms, they also come in many different designs but are quite pricey for such a tiny (not to mention thin) piece of perforated metal. When purchasing, try to find packs or bundles of these which are more affordable.

When wearing black dresses, I love to put only the disc in the locket, nothing else. The result is an elegant necklace which not only looks expensive, but is also the perfect accessory for either day or night due to the soft silver glow.



Here are several lockets made as gifts that will hopefully inspire you to make your own and share it with your friends and family.


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