Mini papercut pendants | Paper jewelry

My two passions are definitely paper and jewelry. After months of developing various ideas of bringing those two together and creating something only Eversea would exclusively have, I’m thrilled to introduce the spring line of this amazing mini papercut jewelry.

The diameter only measures 2.5 cm which means the papercuts are even smaller inside. All flower petals, birds and leaves were cut individually which makes it unique. Making these pendants is very time-consuming, and I have to admit it takes about a whole day to make one. I lost count of how many flowers and petals I lost as they are so tiny, only a couple of millimeters long so even the slightest breeze will move them.

This line features spring landscape with a branch full of colorful flowers. Several pendants feature butterflies, others feature birds as symbols of freedom, beauty and perspective.

Take a look at the exclusive collection:










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