5 Free Scrapbooking paper Resources online

Whenever I come back from a trip, the first thing I want to make is a scrapbook album that will showcase the places I’ve been to. I love to write a short story about those places, mention any legends and interesting facts, as well as keep all tickets, flyers and other keepsakes that make the album special.

With all that in mind, I rarely have time to make pattern paper myself and print it out. I can’t unfortunately find packs of scrapbook paper locally, and I know I’m not the only one, so I would like to show you several free resources for personal use digital papers. I love using them because the papers are very beautiful, the quality is usually 300 dpi which is fantastic and the only cost is related to printing.

To go to any of the websites mentioned in the list below, please click on the name next to the number. The link will lead you to their website.

Here are my 5 favorite online resources:

  1. Far Far Hill


This is my all-time favorite resource which offers free kits, papers, illustrations, elements and alphabets. You can download both regular paper packs and additional clip art which can be used both digitally and printed. There is an option of commercial use for a fee, described on their website and you can also purchase other premium collections from their shop called Nearstore.

The files are huge, around 115 MB per paper collection which is an indicator of quality, but you will need a lot of free space on your PC to store them.

Most collections feature vintage scans, elegant designs and pastel colors.

    2. Free Pretty Things for you


Another site full of pretty graphics, also offering fonts and planner printables. Compared to Far Far Hill, Free pretty things for you is a bit more on the colorful side. Designs are modern and not as sophisticated which is great if you’re looking for paper to use on birthday invitations, planner pages, stickers and similar.

As for other printable goods, such as vectors, you can browse their Etsy shop.

3. Granny Enchanted


If you have children or are working on a project such as baby scrapbook albums, nursery stationery decor and similar, you will love Granny Enchanted. Personally, I find the website to be slightly too colorful and hard to navigate, but the scrapbooking kits are wonderful and very versatile.

The kits feature clip art and design elements, and one of the things I like the most is the choice of color palettes. This might be one of the most productive resources and you can also find their Pinterest board with over 15k pins that will boost your creativity.

      4. Liana Scrap


Here you can find modern, floral and geometrical designs. The creator also allows small commercial use and the files are not too big, only about 50MB which is a huge advantage. However, the quality is still high. Only papers are offered, not kits, but it is still a valuable resource. To support the designer, you can donate.

    5. Best Free Digital Scrapbook


This is a digital archive of scrapbook kits from various designers. You can also add a freebie yourself by filling out a form. When you try to download the paper pack, you are redirected to the original designer’s website which is always a good way to find less known artists who might give you exactly what you need. You can quickly search this archive by clicking on a theme on the right side or simply browse the pages.


Do you have a different website you like to use for scrapbooking supplies? Let me know in the comments.




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