Need art inspiration? Here are 10 ways to overcome creative blocks

Creative blocks can be very challenging. We have all faced them at some point of life, whether in school or at job. Remember when you were facing a sheet of blank paper and had absolutely no idea how to start writing an essay, or you finally found time to paint but the idea disappeared when you looked at the white canvas?

Before proposing 10 ways that will help you overcome the block, here are 3 things that can help and perhaps even prevent a lack of inspiration.

First of all, don’t overthink it. Ideas will come naturally when you stop worrying about not having any. They usually appear when you least expect them, which means being relaxed instead of racking your brain is the way to go.

If you’ve been creating for quite a long time, you might have noticed that you feel more inspired at certain places or at a specific time. For example, your creativity boosts when working in your bedroom at night. This is something you should keep track of, as it can be incredibly useful if you ever face a creative block. You’ll most likely get rid of it by working in an environment you feel most comfortable in.

Finally, a positive attitude is a safe way out. Thinking your ideas are not good enough, appropriate or interesting is a step backwards, not forwards. Write them down, and later you can decide which one to develop and use. Who knows, you might use the rest for other projects in future.

1 Color palettes


Even if your project isn’t related to art or design, colors can be truly inspiring. You can make a palette yourself using colors you already have in mind, or find already made ones online. If you’re interested about learning more about colors and their power, take a look at color therapy that can improve your health.

2 Inspiration photo quotes

img_9769.jpgImage source: Crafting Connections

These are extremely popular nowadays, and not without a reason. While they might seem cheesy or unrealistic at first glance, if you read a quote in the morning and think about it throughout the day, you will find it can help you achieve your goals.

3 Other people’s work


Browse online portfolios on Behance, join DeviantArt or Dribbble.

4 Nature


Nature is the immortal source of inspiration so take a pair of comfortable shoes and go out for a walk in a park, nearby forest or any other place where you can escape the hustle and bustle and instead enjoy in the peace. Breathing in fresh air is beneficial both for your spirit and mind.

5 #inspiration


Search social media using this hashtag to get the latest photos, news and articles.

6 Youtube


The number of high quality social media content is increasing. Every day, more and more artists, crafters and designers join Youtube to share their experience and knowledge. Watching videos is not only helpful, but also entertaining. Want to relax instead of work? No problem, you can choose between thousands of videos with relaxing and inspiring music suitable for any mood.

7 Pinterest


The best thing about Pinterest is the ability to save ideas (pins). You can create your own pin boards and save all links, photos, videos and articles that you would like to take a look at later. For instance, you can make a board ”Textures&Patterns” specifically for design patterns you like and textures you can use in Photoshop for your project. It’s completely custom and also a great way to find free resources and meet new people.

8 Family & Friends


Sharing your ideas with others, preferably close friends and family, can have a therapeutic effect. Talking helps you to relieve stress and it’s rewarding to share your excitement about a project with others. Most likely, you will receive support and advice. During the conversation, you both will talk about the ideas and each will have a different view which leads to even more ideas and possibilities.

9 Music


Music, instrumental or vocal, can stimulate your imagination. Think about the message the music or lyrics are trying to convey and compare it with your artwork. What is your message? Some find it distracting to listen to music when writing, painting, drawing or building things, but it’s best to try it yourself and see how it will work for you.

10 Inspiration journal or pin board


Similar to pin boards, inspiration journals are a collection of anything you like.See something in a newspaper you like? Cut it out and place it in your booklet or notebook dedicated only to serve as inspiration. You can keep photographs, cutouts, materials (napkins, printed paper, embellishes), patterns, drawings and anything else that you would like to keep. If you would like to create pages with different themes each day, try making an art journal with mixed media which is basically an artist’s diary.



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