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Pendant charm necklace Tutorial, DIY project

Have you ever wanted a piece of jewelery that’s suitable for any outfit but you couldn’t afford it?

I’ve been making jewelry for years now, but these pendants are what I really enjoy making as they are so versatile and customizable. The great thing about them is that anyone can make them. Yes, anyone.

There’s no need for any fancy equipment, all you need is some time (about 1 hour with drying time included, keep reading to see a tip for making it quicker), materials that can be purchased online or at craft stores for a small price and whatever you want to put inside the pendant.

In this example, I chose pretty scrapbooking paper I printed on 120 GSM paper, which is slightly thicker than copy paper used in offices worldwide. You can print on the standard 80 – 100 GSM as well, it is really not important.


Tip #1 

Gather all material in advance. Alloy pendants come in various forms and sizes. They usually come in a pack of 5, 10 or more if you’re buying online. Sometimes you can find them in bundles with glass cabochons which is great because then you are sure the cabochons will fit perfectly inside.

I love to buy these in bulk as it gives me more than enough material for last-minute gifts. These are very easy to assemble and make a great gift for any occasion, from birthday and weddings to baby showers.

Tip #2

When using colored images, make sure that the print is crisp. When printing at home, sometimes the images can come out blurry or the pattern is too big for the pendants. If you decide to use old magazines, scrapbook paper scraps or other paper, perhaps even your drawings, there’s no need to worry about quality.


Tip #3

Personalization is the key. Use patterns and colors the recipient likes, you can customize it further by writing something down. Their name, an important date or anything else.

Tip #4 

Can’t find glass cabochons? No problems, use resin instead. However, resin will react with color pigment or ink on the patterned paper so follow the instructions on the package to ensure you won’t damage it. I recommend putting a layer of white glue on the colored paper first, let it dry and then you can apply the resin. The glue will seal the ink and ensure the resin won’t touch it (and mess up your gorgeous pendant).

Tip #5

If you’re using glass cabochons, make sure that you apply a thick layer of glue. You can wipe off the excess later, but if you don’t apply enough, you’ll end up with bubbles of air trapped inside. Unfortunately, that can’t be fixed.

To speed up the drying process, take the pendant and put it outside if it’s sunny, or use a hair dryer. Be careful as the metal can get very hot so keep an eye on it.

Now that you now all the tricks, you’re ready to go! Here is a short video that shows how to make these gorgeous, completely customizable pendants.


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