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10 [free] Font Resources

If you are designing a logo or would like to make your own party invitations, choosing font is something you shouldn’t take lightly.

Font can either ruin your design or make it brilliant. It’s always recommended to learn the basics of typography which will make everything else easier to do and more enjoyable. Once you know the basics, here are 10 websites that offer amazing free font downloads – some offer both personal and commercial use licence.

#1 Font Squirrel


Font Squirrel offers 100% free for commercial use (and also high quality) fonts. If you are planning on selling the final product, always read the licence to be sure you won’t infringe copyright by using the font. What I absolutely love about this website is its simple interface, you can easily find fonts you would like to use and download.

Features: simple layout, offers a free guide to fonts, font lists, font filter, font identifier

#2 DaFontdafo

DaFont is an archive of free fonts. Most are free only for personal use, so always read the description and check out any associated links the author left. I find the website not as easy to use as the previous one, but its design is simple and clean.

Features: preview of all letters and numbers, number of downloads (popularity), ability to donate to author, custom preview, search by themes and authors

#3 Font Bundles


Font Bundles is relatively new, but one of the best resources. It’s easy to navigate, fonts are presented in a modern way with mockups and previews. Both free fonts and many bundle savings are offered so if you are looking to buy a font, here you will save money.

Features: daily font deal, free fonts for premium use (limited time), search by categories, detailed description, custom text preview, example photos

#4 1001 Free Fonts

100.png As the name says, it is another resource offering free fonts for personal use, but you have the option to purchase commercial licence as well as donate to designer.

Features: brief description (designer’s note), file contents list, characters map, alphabet organization, category search

#5 Urban fonts


Urban Fonts offers both completely free fonts, then premium ones and there is a special category for deals. One of useful things is that you don’t have to open a font to see the character map, as your cursor passes over it in the list, the name will automatically flip and the map is revealed. You can see it on the picture above (the first font).

Features: free, premium and deals, search by category and alphabet, font name and character map visible at same time, brief description, comment option, custom preview

#6 Font Zone


Compared to other websites, it doesn’t offer as many fonts but it is still worth mentioning. Here you will find both popular and less popular fonts of all types. You can also upload your own.

Features: user-friendly interface, font details, licence, donation option, preview, comments

#7 Befonts


It slightly reminds me of Font bundles due to font presentation, but it doesn’t have as many categories you can search within. It doesn’t always feature more photo examples, and often does not have a character map and previews.

Features: related fonts, format and licence details, donation and commercial options

#8 Fonts2u


Features: numerous categories, basic and extended information, character maps, preview, top downloads, upload option, font converter

#9 Font Space


Font Space is among more popular websites, it is fairly easy to navigate and download fonts which are mostly free for personal use only.

Features: preview both on white background and on a mockup photo, number of downloads, random fonts, reviews, upload option

#10 FontRiver


FontRiver is the last resource in this list, but it’s worth visiting it. You will find both fonts and dingbats (ornaments) for Mac and Windows. As it often is, free fonts are mostly only for personal use.

Features: very brief description, search by categories and alphabet, different types of licences, specimens, character map, test drive, waterfall


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