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10 [free] Online Photo editors

Photos don’t always have to be perfect the moment you take them. Don’t erase them until you save a copy on your PC, the chances are that you’ll be able to save them and make them brilliant.

Recently I wrote a post about selling handmade things onlineย and one of the most important tips was related to the quality of your product photography. If you take a few moments to learn about your camera and the basics of photography, you will see how interesting and easy it is to capture mesmerizing photos that will catch the buyer’s attention.

However, it’s also easy to fail. Let’s suppose that you have a nice background, the product is in focus, you showed off its best features and ended up with a good photo. Great, isn’t it? But wait until you transfer it to your PC. What if it turned out blurry, too dark or over-exposed, there is something on the photo that needs to be removed (for example, a stain or an object that wasn’t supposed to be there)… don’t think that it’s over.

Here are 10 amazing free online photo editors that will help you edit your photos to perfection. Some of them have even more features if you’re willing to spend some money to gain premium access.

#1 PicMonkey


PicMonkey is ideal for small enhancements and basic edits (cropping, exposure, text) but it has numerous effects and overlays, with the ability to upload your own overlay and your own fonts. I find this site one of the best, as it’s easy to use and has everything you need. One thing I noticed is that it’s very slow with higher quality images. Still, it’s possible to edit them. You can also start a free trial or pay for Royale features.

#2 Polarr


Polarr is amazing for editing RAW image type, it offers a huge collection of filters but here you can do some advanced things for free as well. Some features are locked, reserved for those who pay, but you can edit the photo professionally even without them. It’s available online and for download. One of the best features is the option of adding your own watermark during saving so that you don’t have to do it manually for all photos.

#3 iPiccy


iPiccy is a bit on the simple side, but good enough to enhance your photos. I find it good for product photos as you only need basic features to edit them, but if you want to touch up nature or city photos, it will work. I find it very similar to PicMonkey, even the options on the homepage are the same, you can edit a single photo, make a collage or create your own design.

#4 Fotor


Fotor gives you a chance to try it out and you can upgrade to the pro version at any time. Again, just like iPiccy and PicMonkey, you have the same options to start with. The layout is simple and modern, easy to navigate and use for beginners as well.

#5 Canva


Canva doesn’t only offer online editing, but also other things such as making a Youtube banner or Etsy shop featured photo (in the past, Etsy also used banners). Most good features are not free but they are for a low cost unless you want advanced tools. I haven’t used it a lot, but I found it a bit strange and not well-organized. I have a feeling they constantly show the premium things to convince you to purchase it. Overall, it’s all right for basic editing.

#6 Lunapic


Lunapic is a decent editor, easy to use for those who are new to photo editing. The layout is a bit old-fashioned, but all options work well so it’s easy to put the website design aside. It offers both basic and advanced options for free.

#7 BeFunky


I absolutely love the layout of the site, it’s fun to use. The best features are reserved for those who upgrade, but if you only want to touch up your photos, you won’t need them. It offers text, overlays, graphics, frames, touch up, textures, artsy and effects. You can also work with layers.

#8 Pixlr


Pixlr reminds me of Photoshop due to its interface, it’s sleek and modern, filled with tools you will find very helpful. I love the toolbar on the side and you get the feeling that you’re working with a full software which is great. Online editors are often just for quick edits and the quality isn’t always as good as if you’re using downloaded softwares (not to mention how frustrating it is if your Internet connection breaks and you can’t save a photo in the middle of editing).

#9 piZap


PiZap also offers social media covers and featured photos creator. It’s easy to use, good for basic edits, including text, overlays/stickers, frames and filters. When you open the editor, one of the icons in the toolbar says ”memes”. You can use it to make a meme (with three options – text, stickers or ”keep calm”) out of your photo which is a fun option, I didn’t see it in many other editors.

#10 Ribbet


Ribbet is very similar to PicMonkey, I find that some overlays are exactly the same. Also, some of those were Royale feature in PicMonkey but were free on Ribbet. One of the good features is editing history and free cloud storage. It’s fast and easy to use with more free features than PicMonkey.


Which photo editor do you like to use? I’ve used many in the past (but many don’t exist anymore), and these are my favorites. It’s worth paying for premium features if you need them, but they’re not really necessary unless you’re a professional photographer. Keep in mind that some of the premium features on one site are free on the other so check them all out to find what suits you the best.


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