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3 Mini Flower papercuts – Free templates

Miniature papercuts are a great addition to your paper cutting portfolio. They are challenging to cut, but once you master them, you’re ready to tackle any design in any size. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

I had a few ideas about using papercuts for other projects, not just to hang them on the wall. So, I made a few videos with several different ideas and decided to share templates for free. These flowers are suitable for beginners if printed in a bigger size. Of course, you can always refine your skill and try to cut the smaller one first.


In one of the upcoming videos, you’ll see where I used one of these flowers, so make sure to subscribe to Eversea’s Youtube channel. For now, here’s a look at the flowers and how you can make them.

Tip: turn on the captions (transcription) by clicking on the icon on the left of the gear. For great sound, watch with headphones.


Click here to download the PDF template for free (personal use only)


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