My passion for paper and handmade things was discovered back when I was a child. While others played with toys, I spent time finding inspiration in craft magazines and recreating their ideas, but with materials I had at home so paper was always one of my favorite materials to work with.

As I grew older, my creativity developed and I found myself creating anything I imagined, from papercrafts and decorative artwork to things I use in daily life. In 2015, I discovered paper cutting and instantly fell in love.

This blog is dedicated to all forms of art and crafts, featuring a spotlight on paper cutting. Here you will also find tutorials that I put together using my own experience, trial and error. They are meant for all those who would like to be self-taught like me and develop their creativity.

It is fascinating to see people from all around the world enjoying my work as much as I love creating. No matter how many differences there are between cultures, art is what unites mankind.