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Pendant charm necklace Tutorial, DIY project

I've been making jewelry for years now, but these pendants are what I really enjoy making as they are so versatile and customizable. The great thing about them is that anyone can make them. Yes, anyone.


DIY Floating Memory Lockets jewelry

Floating memory lockets are a great last-minute gift, completely personalized and very versatile as the contents can be changed at any time.


3 Envelope punch board projects

Envelope punch board is a tool that offers a quick and fun way to create any size envelope with minimal paper waste. Despite its name, the board can be used to create other things, such as boxes and bows as well.


Ombré Necklace Tutorial

The ombré trend is still around, so here is an idea how to turn it into a gorgeous necklace. The best thing? You need minimal supplies, and it's very fast to make. All materials used in the tutorial are only a suggestion, you can customize it however you wish. On the mini sketch showed in… Continue reading Ombré Necklace Tutorial


Travel Scrapbook Journal Flip through

It's been over a year since I went on a trip to Bratislava (Slovakia), Prague (Czech Republic), Dresden (Germany) and Vienna (Austria). These cities are all extremely alluring and unique, each one has something new to offer and there are numerous sights to see and remember for the rest of your life. To mark the anniversary,… Continue reading Travel Scrapbook Journal Flip through


5 DIY Last minute Unisex Gift Ideas

You've been invited to a birthday party or any other celebration and you've no idea what to bring? I've got you covered. Here are my personal favorite things to make that are budget-friendly as well as quick to make. The best thing is that all projects below are versatile so you can customize them to be perfect… Continue reading 5 DIY Last minute Unisex Gift Ideas


Heat Embossing for Beginners

Are you still struggling with heat embossing? Heat guns look intimidating, embossing powders are expensive, inks are not sticky... Well, today I'm going to try to change your mind. Yes, embossing powders can be quite pricey, but they're well worth the money. A variety of brands and colors are out there, but which ones to… Continue reading Heat Embossing for Beginners