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3 Mini Flower papercuts – Free templates

Useful tips for cutting miniature papercuts plus free templates.

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Paper Cutting – Essential Supplies Lists | Everything you need to create papercuts

What if I told you that all the supplies you will ever need for paper cutting are right here, including all the information on how to use and where to buy them? Would you believe me?

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Paper cutting – Cutting Tools|Basics #5

You want to create papercuts, but have absolutely no idea what tool to use to cut the paper with? This article is all you will need. Here is the ultimate guide to all cutting tools and utensils with extra tips.

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3 Paper cutting Time lapse videos: Watch&Relax

When was the last time you took some time for yourself? Sat back, took an interesting book, made yourself a cup of your favorite coffee or tea and relaxed? You don't remember? It's time to change that.

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Paper cutting Supplies | Beginners Guide

Find out everything about paper cutting supplies - types of paper, GSM, cutting mats and cutting tools.

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Inkscape for Paper Cutters

As said by the company, Inkscape is a free professional vector graphics editor. It might sound intimidating, but once you've been introduced to basic tools, you'll find it hard to stop using. The software is used by many paper cutters and paper cutting template designers because it has all features you need to make your… Continue reading Inkscape for Paper Cutters

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Layered PAPERCUT Tutorial

Paper cutting has become one of my favorite ways of psychotherapy. Today I'm bringing it to a new level and I'm going to share some tips about making a layered papercut - a portrait, drawing, landscape... I've been experimenting for a while now to find an efficient way to make such pieces of art, layering intricate… Continue reading Layered PAPERCUT Tutorial